~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~

Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

NICSA Final Battle: Sandwich Deathmatch Battle Skirmish
- Our newbie Iron Chef competition has reached it's zenith. Come vote for the best sandwich in our virtual kitchen stadium!

ICSA XXXV: Horses and Fine Scottish Men
- Or if you'd rather compete against our invincible men of culinary skill, come and fight it out in Iron Chef Something Awful: Battle Oats!

MOD CHALLENGE: the Beer Thugs vs. Wine Fags Kook-Off
- And if you anger the gods of GWS cooking? You must face a challenge!

I want. To kill. Stephen. Raichlen.: The Biannual Food Network Hate Thread
- And if you thought that all this GWS stuff was a drag and you should just go watch Food Network instead, this thread will remind you of how much Food Network sucks.
~*~ Sports Argument Stadium ~*~

Reppin': Final Fantasy Baseball

doof nana doof nana doof (psytrance thread) - It is about a computer music! Come learn about a music and discuss it with your friends in NMD.

My Generation - a Dadrock Primer - Come talk about stuff your dad likes! REO Speedwagon and being libertarian.

Music in the Media. Often passed over as not real music. Exceptions? - In case you couldn't tell by every other post, this apparently only means "video game music".

Entire Beatles back catalog to be released as remastered editions - This thread is picking up lately because of the recent release. I wonder if the Beatles are pissed that their new albums leaked.

Awesome covers by high school ensembles or other unexpected parties - Not much in the way of discussion but this could be a pretty good thread if you know things to contribute!

New Mountain Goats Album: The Life of the World to Come, Due October 6th! - Come talk about the new 57th or 58th album by John Darnielle, if you can remember which ones were which.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~

Reppin': Miso Beno

Aerial photographs of feral hog damage to rice - Bushman builds UAV complete with ordnance delivery system and first person view so he can effectively spearhead terrorist swine strongholds.


Neighbor was robbed at gun point - safest way to store a loaded shot gun?- Nuclear Landmines.

My First Bow or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the block plane - Everyone knows TFR loves to plane their hardwood before painting it with rainbow paint and a snake skin facade.

Requesting Dragunov info/pics - At least he's asking for information about a real SVD instead of some scaled up AK bullshit.

WWII German kit, nazi belt and lunchbox... - How do you feed an Army on the blitz? I don't know but Im pretty sure these lunchboxes were involved in a rather significant way.

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