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My friend is being investigated for talking to a minor online. Oh oh! Someone's been playing wizards with the kiddies! Grab the popcorn and hope they sieze his computer.

Stories where Satan is the good guy. Workin' to feed his family, making an honest living as the angel of darkness.

Speeding; unwritten rule or not the norm? I regularly do 120MPH because I AM AWESOME AT DRIVING.

[Ask] Me about 'hacking the school computer system'. This guy deserves mocking, please do so.

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How do you organize your computer? - It takes less than 5 posts for someone to mention their porn folder. Also, anything other than ~Music and ~Videos is just wrong.

shut the fuck up about the model m - No. Seriously. Shut the fuck up about the goddamn Model M. It doesn't even have a Windows key and it is going to break your wrists.

iPhone development tutorial: Building a game of Paper Football -

Namgsemterces posted:

For reference, here's what I've spent to develop iPhone apps:

  • A Mac mini (1.83ghz, 1gb ram) - $599 + tax
  • A developer's license - $99
  • An iPhone (I didn't buy the iPhone specifically to develop for iPhones, but I'll include it anyways) - $299 + tax

That comes out to a bit more than $1000 after taxes.

Hey Apple. Release a fucking SDK for Windows.
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