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Reppin': concerned mom

/ ! Cute Girl Thread / ! - Forums male chauvinist pig 'Evil Bob' wants his pussy on a plate. But it can't talk to other guys. Click here for a NWS library of cute girls. Gets better as it goes on.

Post here and I will photoshop a skull over your avatar. - 'Gasket Basket' photoshops skulls over the avatars of people who post in the thread.

HOW MANY TIEM AHVCE YOU FARTED INTO A TOILET? - BYOB is all about fart jokes. Thanks for the report 'in joy in yourself'!

ask Klem Johansen what it's like to be an old unfunny piece of shit - Have you ever wondered what its like to be really old on the internet? 'Klem Johansen' still uses the internet regularly and he doesn't even do drugs and deliver pizza for a living. Click here for answers to all your burning questions (providing you had the same ones already asked in the thread).

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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Replay Value: When it succeeds and fails - Ironically, any game that makes you replay it to unlock more content usually is not worth a second playthrough.

Street Fighter IV: Prepare for SFII On Steroids - "I don't care what the cynics say, violence is a beautiful thing!"

Now what? - Games you couldn't beat because they broke - My VMU decided to delete my Shenmue save file when I was just about to beat it, but luckily that game owned so I didn't mind playing through it again.

Let's Play Star Wars: Rouge Leader! - It's pretty astounding that a Gamecube launch game that was made in nine months still has better graphics than the majority of current Wii games.

a secret about orc hat - I've never actually clicked on this thread, because I don't want to ruin the vast comical possibilities that the title could be about.

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