22) Kid Rock, "All Summer Long":

Fuckin' Skynyrd, man
Mix in some Warren Zevon
Pissing on two graves.

Kid Rock still tops charts
White trash nation has spoken
Single tear for country.

Nasty, greasy hair
Has not seen water in years
"By the lake," my ass.

21) Airbourne:

Rock-lovin' ass-clowns
AC/DC, but dumber
How could that happen?

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll
"It's a fuckin' lifestyle, man"
Bloody worthless cunts.

For ugly people
Joining bands to get groupies
Is the only hope.

20) Plain White T's:

Hate is a strong word
But listen to Big Bad World
Not nearly strong enough.

Come back, Delilah
Replace this new "Disaster"
All is forgiven

19) Katy Perry:

Ex-Christian Katy
Kissed a girl, but not, like, really
Go back to God, skank.

18) Hyper Crush:

Think of the gayest thing
No, seriously, gayer
Voila! Hyper Crush.

Ironic disco rap
Stupid music thinks it's smart
The worst of all worlds

Nice fucking "bling," champ
Do the goggles protect you
From blowtorch to face?

17) Metro Station:

Sweet piercings, Cyrus
You're, like, so alternative
Miley rocks harder.

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