Nabisco posted:

I am trying to figure out if I gave a girl I know an orgasm. Long story short We were both drunk and messing around. I started out by rubbing her clit, then she opened her legs as if she was inviting me in. I started off with one finger and then went to two. Then It was mostly rubbing where I think the G spot would be. Two things I noticed that I'm not sure meant she was really enjoying it: she was very wet, and it felt as if her vagina muscles were contracting and squeezing my fingers. I want to know if the contracting means that she was enjoying it, or having a orgasm because according to a friend who was trying to discourage me afterwards, it means nothing.

Senor_Happy posted:

I know this may sound like showing off, but my gf seems to orgasm way more than I expect. Is it common for girls to be able to have about 10 orgasms per session? She does say that most of them are small-ish, with 2 or 3 big ones, including a little one just from me staying inside her after finishing.

Have I just lucked into a super orgasmic girl or is she faking much? She def doesn't look or feel like faking, but I lack the experience to really know. I always make sure to check, but she's the sort of girl who would say that she's enjoying it so that I'd enjoy it more.

Maybe I'm just a sex god...

linus the bear posted:

So, I've finally got a girl, and we've been fooling around. The other night I went down on her, and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. It was my first time doing that kind of thing (My first kiss was only hours before) so I'm glad I got her writhing around and moaning a lot. She told me that she 'Wanted it.', but there were no contraceptives around, plus I was tired from being drunk since 4:00PM.

Anyway, since she's been jumping my bones everytime I go and see her, I went out and bought some condoms and lube from the supermarket. Durex Ultra Sensitive condoms, and KYJelly personal lubricant. Will that combination work?

Also, I've only jerked off with condoms on twice, I'm still not to used to it. I'm expecting to get some action later on today, so should I jerk off earlier in order to tame my hormones? On the other hand, I'm taking Prozac, and it's really extended my jerkoff time. I used to be able to get off in 3-4 minutes if I really went at it, but now the same kind of high intensity gets me off after 15 minutes.

Plus, How can I tell if I'm a good kisser?

Oh God, help me what am I to do?

linus the bear posted:

Fuck. I couldn't get it up again last night. It was up right until I pulled it out of my pants, then it died as I looked for a condom. AUGH. It's really pissing me off now. I know it must be some kind of performance anxiety, but how the hell do I take care of it?

I really want to fuck her but my dick doesn't agree. She's still having a good time because I'm getting her off, but she wants me in her too.

I feel like an impotent 80 year old, and I'm only 18.

linus the bear posted:

We were just chilling in my room after a party, and I started going to work on her. I got her going really good until she couldn't stand it anymore, and demanded that we fuck. Unfortunately, my performance wasn't that great, as the prozac leaves me at 90% erection, rather than the full 100, but I'm sure some of it was anxiousness about it being my first time. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would too. And boy, does it feel different coming from sex versus my hand.

Next time, probably tonight, I want to mix it up a bit and try some different positions. We just did it Missionary, and it was kind of uncomfortable on my end. I'm a big guy (6'6"), and she's a little over 5 feet, so any suggestions for good positions would be appreciated.

Anyway, hooray.

D14BL0 posted:

Note: This isn't a "I WANT LOTS OF MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING" thread. I have an actual situation here.

I'm in a rough situation right now. Every business within walking distance from me is not hiring, and I have no reliable form of transportation other than my two feet. Because of this, I've been unemployed for longer than I'd like to admit.

Does anybody know of a way that I could work online and actually get real money for it?

I've searched the newspaper and the only online jobs I can get require me to drive out for a training, which I absolutely cannot do.

I'm sure there's some goon out there who's had a successful "job" where they didn't have to leave the house. Tell me your stories. Or if you need somebody to work for you online, hire me!

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