Raw_Beef posted:

Tomorrow, august 11th, is my 21st birthday. I was one of the youngest of my graduated HS class, and thus the group of people whom i continue to socialize with. This means everyone i know is going to be hanging out with me tomorrow buying me drinks, and i've had more than one person vow to destroy me with alcohol. This has me feeling a little nervous. I dont want to puss out in front of my friends, but i've done plenty of drinking already and had my share of black outs and hangovers that last for the entire next day. I really want to avoid a sunday laying in bed puking all day. A few hours in the morning is fine, but to waste the day hungover is a horrible thing in my mind.

I have come the goons to tell me all your techniques for improving alcohol tolerance and cutting down on hangover severity. Please help, a young man's liver is at stake here!

Dheni Walsh posted:

I was touring Italy this summer for eleven days. It was my first European tour, in fact, it was only my second international tour, my first being in California so not nearly as exciting as Venice, Florence, and Rome. So naturally it involved a whole lot of partying because liquor and cigarettes are extremely cheap there, and the hotel rooms were harsh fancy. So while we were walking around in Florence my buddy Tristan says to me, "So were you going to get that nipple piercing all your friends back home were griping on about?" and I says, "Yeah, this is probably a better place to do it than Vancouver, it'll be cheaper because people are weird here." So with my logic I was able to find a nice looking piercing spot with disgusting looking pictures on the wall, seemed right to me.

Now Tristan already had two earings, a nipple piercing, and a prince albert (through the urethra). He'd already told me the joys of his PA and constantly recommended I get one, but I was there for a nipple piercing...until I found out that in Europe, the prince albert is about half as much money as it would be in Canada. Also, I figured why not? When in Rome (or Florence) and it makes sex better right???

So my very first piercing turned out to be through my pee hole. It didn't hurt that much, and only bled with my first few morning woods and tour bus ride erections. The nipple felt fucking good but scabbed a bit.

I don't know anything about body piercing maintenance and they look fine now. I did c ut my nipple a little bit recently and it bled and stretched a little but it seems to be healing OK.

The guy didn't speak english so I'd like your advice goons please. I only know to keep my hands clean when touching (I always try to keep my hands clean) and to use antibacterial soap and not much more on it. The PA looks fine, and I'm not about to use anything funky on that area

So please, any advice would be great, sorry but I have to go to work right this second so I'll be back on later to elaborate further.

Thanks in advance!

FLomid posted:

I'm a 21 year old male in healthy shape besides all physical manifestations of my panic disorder (irritable bowels, lack of sleep, underweight). After years of ignoring the issue I went to my university's health center and began seeing a psychiatrist. Next week I'll most likely be put on either zoloft or paxil (or some other SSRI). I have had zero experience with any pills either than taking xanax twice at parties, and ativan prior to some dental procedures.

What can I expect from the medication in terms of altered mood, side-effects and so on. I've done some research but would prefer to hear some advice from more experienced goons.

Also, for the past 4-5 months I've been smoking marijuana regularly (my attempt at self-medication) and have no history of other drug use(other than xanax twice). Can I continue smoking under these meds?

I have a heavy school load, will meds mess with my ability to think? Nearly all my assignments are research papers or essays that require a lot of critical thinking. My mind goes numb on ativan/xanax, but weed enhancing my writing ability. I'm feeling quite uneasy about possibly affecting my grades.

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