Other Door posted:

I met the girl I'm seeing on Canada Day (July 1st). We've seen each other 5 times, and have gone on 2 "official" dates. We're crazy about each other and have had sex at least 15 times. We haven't talked about "where the relationship is going" or "if we're exclusive" or anything like that, but I just turned down a date with a different girl this weekend because I can't stop thinking about her. I'm thinking of asking her to be my girlfriend, but given how I'm terrible with relationships I have no idea if it's way too soon or what.

Advice will be considered and appreciated but mostly I'm wanting to see how long it generally takes you from the time you meet someone to the time you declare your relationship official. If I ask her next time I get to see her (and she says yes) then the answer for me will be:

24 days
6 meetups including the night we met
3 dates

How about you?

ZombieAteMyCookie posted:

So... this is awkward. I want to get my boyfriend to try a little bit of asphyxiation.

My boyfriend is a shy guy. He's only been with one girl before me, and she wasn't much into exploring beyond missionary. Hell, he'd never even orgasmed from oral sex. Thus, he was pretty shy about initiating sex, telling me what he wanted, asking for things, even after I told him it was ok. Eventually, we had a good talk, and it started to open him up.

We started to discover that he loves being the dominant one. He likes to be rough with me, pull my hair, spank me, etc. I love it. I'm enjoying being completely submissive. His favorite thing to do is gag me with his hands, and sometimes when going for this move he starts at my neck and slides up to my mouth. And it weirds me out to say that I want him to keep his hand on my neck. I've mentioned it, but he's scared he's going to hurt me. How can we safely explore this where he won't feel like he's going to kill me?

I'm not interested in using ropes, just hands or some serious air games. Anyone ever tried this?

Side note my best friend (Innocent Catholic VIRGIN) told me she does this to herself when she masturbates, but I was so in shock, I really had a hard time asking for details.

Ahden_Lundsson posted:

I havent been keeping up with my brushing like I should.. I know im a horrible person. I been making changes to my lifestyle to turn around all of my unhealthy habits 1 by 1. Well its teeth time! On the lower edges of from front lower teeth there is some green buildup. I have tried to scrape it off with no luck. I have been brushing 3 times a day for the last 2 weeks and will continue to do so. My question is will this green go away or am I stuck with it forever? Is it something a professional dentist can fix?

I had some pretty horrible gingivitis, it looked like I just went 12 rounds boxing without a mouthguard but thats all cleared up now. YAY!

Please dont tell me im a horrible brusher.. I know that... Looking for an answer or a solution about the green color.

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