fashion_bones posted:

Stay at home parent here, our girl turned 2 years old friday.

WTF do we feed our kid-we are failing miserable in the nutrition dept. but she doesn't eat a lot??? Doctor is not worried, height, weight, brain development, etc is all good.

Any sites to reccommend or are there any good parent goons here??

Sample of a daily meals:

wakeup: half a cup of milk, sometimes a few bites of banana and possibly a yogurt, maybe apple sauce-rare that all those get eaten and this is over a 30-1hr period.

couple snacks up through lunch, watered down juice, raisins, etc....

Lunch is like 2 small bites of PBnJelly, couple slices of hot dogs, grapes, cup o'milk.


snacks up until dinner like apples, organic cheese puff things....

Dinner: we tried veggies, meat, fish, but the meat and fish always fail. Usually its hot dog and corn, she does like ears of corn so thats good.

Main concern is lack of volume, seems like she does not eat a lot, is this normal?

Ordal posted:

First, let me state that I am not a homophobic rear end in a top hat, and this is a serious question.

Do gay males get aroused by the smell of poo poo in public restrooms?

My rationale is this: I don't have experience in this area, but I would assume that if you were engaging in anal sex, some amount of feces would be present. Poo poo has a pretty strong smell, so I would also assume that you would be able to smell it to some degree.

In classical conditioning, pairing one unconditioned stimulus with another pleasurable stimulus can generate a pleasurable response towards the original stimulus. So if you are repeatedly exposed to stimulus one (poo poo smell) while experiencing pleasurable stimulus two (sex), it's reasonable that you might begin to associate the smell of feces with the enjoyment of sex. And then the smell of poo poo alone might trigger sexual arousal.

apinkbunny posted:

Alright, I'm going to buy a mach 3 then, thanks again.

I lit my pubes on fire, its a very cool way to shave. No pain and it burns right down to the root (just brush it off as the ashes from your pubes will be itchy) Theres a brown tip though and it feels funny when you scratch your pubes. I also burnt off the hairs on my knuckle region, burnt a bit but was worth it. It's still better then having a huge bush or having to shave it often. Can't post video though, or pictures. Still a good thing to show my mates.

Should i try lighting my ball hairs?

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