SpecialMiek posted:

Pardon a lack of photos...but over the weekend my father was kind enough to buy me some new clothes for work (some nice shirts, some slacks, a pair of great shoes, and he gave me a bunch of old ties). I really love these shirts, but unfortunately they are a little too tight on me - just to the point of feeling a bit uncomfortable when I sit down. They look alright - the neck fits perfectly and the arms/wrists are just right. But the damn stomach (I guess it's my fault for being a fat ass). I only need about a quarter to a half inch on the stomach. Returning them is not an option (they were purchased in VA, and I'm in FL...the stores don't even exist here).

So I'm wondering - how do I fix this situation? Is there an option even to get shirts altered? Really it's just in the mid-section that they fit a bit snuggly...the chest, the neck, the shoulders, the arms, and the wrists are all just right and the length is okay. And again, they don't look freakish, they just feel uncomfortable. Hopefully shrinking won't be an issue (I'd like to have them dry cleaned since they are nice shirts...but at the very least I will cold wash them/hang dry).

So - what can I do to make my shirts a bit bigger in the middle to accommodate my fat gut?

Daveomack posted:

Im 18 years old. I have never had a beard. I shave everyday. However, the time has come and I feel that I want to have a beard, but I've never had one before. I havent shaved for the past 2 days and there is abit more facial hair than usual. So out of your experience, how long does it take to grow a beard?

mdm posted:

So I just went to take a shower after exercising (walking on a treadmill) and couldn't help but notice the dried blood around my urethra. It was pretty much one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.

I'm a 19 year old male (not one of those chicks with penes), 5'10" 145 lbs, circumcised. I probably do not have any VD because I don't have sex and have never had sex. I looked in my shorts I was exercising in (no underwear... I hope to god the problem was unfortunate chaffing on the zipper) and my underwear and there was dried blood there too.

My current medication:

Accutane (40mg 2x daily)
Amoxicillin (500mg 2x daily)
Fexofenadine (180mg 1x daily)
Ibuprofen (200mg 2x daily)

I tried to piss a little but I really didn't have to, so who knows if it burns. After the shower and cleaning up the dried blood it doesn't look like there's any bleeding, but who knows what will happen.

Keshik posted:

I am trying desperately to get my girlfriend to start reading. I read voraciously, and it drives me up the fucking wall when I'm engrossed in a book and she comes to tell me she's bored. Read a fucking book I say to her, but she likes to do things like shopping and fuckall. I say "That costs money I don't have goddammit, what the fuck."

Please help me find some books she'll enjoy so she will leave me the fuck alone and let me read my Terry Pratchett.

I gave her Pratchett's Equal Rites in desperation, with which she spent ten minutes reading the reviews scattered all over the cover and first few pages before reading the first sentence on page one and declaring it to not be "as funny as the reviews." At this point I contemplated homicide.

She says she likes books that are:

* About people leading ordinary lives who go through an extraordinary experience
* About time travel
* Feel-good

Please help me find books a girl will like. I doubt that she'll like my Alastair Reynolds novels. Let's just make this the all-round recommend books females will enjoy thread.

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