I wasn't planning on doing a prank and then the Russians showed up. Whenever the Russians show up you know the dynamic is going to change. Especially when they're trying to scam you into giving your credit card info to a "bride" over IM. Like most of these unplanned pranks, it began with an uninvited solicitation.This time it ended with a very persistent woman named after a dog.

EMROD: Hi! Are you single and looking for love?

Zack: You bet!

EMROD: Hi! Are you single and looking for love?

Zack: Even more than when you asked five minutes ago!

EMROD: Our girls standing by! Want to meet sexy single from Russia or Ukraine?

Zack: Tell your girls the wait is over. I need another bride bad. I am jonesin' for a bride.

EMROD: First are you 18?

Zack: I'm 18esque

EMROD: What is name?

Yoke: Yoke Winningsmith-Tildo

EMROD: Where you from?

Yoke: Spittleford, Middleburg England

EMROD: What is the address?

Yoke: Oi, guvna. I want to talk to a fucking lady here is this happening or what?

EMROD: yes here is picture

EMROD: you talk now

Yoke: WAIT!

EMROD: yes what is it?

Yoke: Okay go.

EMROD: Hello this is lady from picture.

Yoke: Oh yeah lady from picture, what is your name?

EMROD: is Irina

Yoke: That's a good dog name.

EMROD: You like dog?

Yoke: I hate dog.

EMROD: O too bad! I am allerging.

Yoke: No you're not.

EMROD: what do you do for job handsome?

Yoke: My 9 to 5 job is at the skate factory. I make skates. My job handsome is of course being independently wealthy

EMROD: O I like a rich man :D

Yoke: oh yeah Irina you will like this rich man. I own a company. It's called Gravelsacks, Etc. We fill sacks with gravel for the army.

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