I will admit that I did not put a lot of effort into reviewing Exteel and though I probably should apologize to you; I won't. It should also be pretty obvious that I would put little to no effort into slapping together a video but not just because I am a lazy asshole and it is finals week. Last time I put effort into a video and it completely splattered back in my face like a nerd rage bukakke.

I blame the robots for this failure of an article and a video. If you want to pin it on me you can but I know you saps will keep reading anyway.


Thanks to the following goons for dressing up like anime robots: HulkaMatt, Atticus Silbus, Kolobus, PonchAxis, AtomicOrange, Sneakums, ABrassMonocle, antiloquax, Kamoc, and rex rabidorum vires.

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