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Dateline: Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Josh: Man, the internest is as layered as a wedding cake. Wait, I meant the Internet.
Lowtax: Internest sounds like one of those cheesy comics
Josh: It's about a married couple that spends all their days searching for interesting links on the Internet. The first strip will have an AYB reference.
Lowtax: No, it's about birds
Josh: Birds using the Internet?
Lowtax: Internest, they perch atop the Information Superhighway
Josh: This could be the greatest comic to ever be forgotten about in a matter of minutes.
Lowtax: and they solve crimes
Josh: I think each of the birds should be patterned after an operating system. That way we nail that prime Slashdot/User Friendly demographic.
Lowtax: Oh good idea, and the Windows bird could always CRASH into things!




Richard, I know you'll probably never read this, but thank you for being you. This web comic is dedicated to you, and I think it accurately reflects your triumphs as a comedian. This comic is definitely your humor personified.

As many of you know, I have nothing but the highest respect and esteem for the web comic medium. I consider it to be the quintessential communication method of our modern era. As such, every web comic out there is an amazing feast of dazzling wit, fantastic art, and doorway to profound philosophical roads previously closed to travel due to landslides of ignorance.

Starting a Small Business with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: Moof, I have a business proposal
Moof: ok
Livestock: we're going to dig up Dale Earnhardt's grave, okay
Moof: ok
Livestock: and we're going to get some of his hair, okay
Moof: ok
Livestock: and we're going to take the hair to a cloning lab
Livestock: and we're going to clone the hair
Moof: ok
Moof: okay then what
Livestock: and sell Dale Earnhardt hair on eBay
Moof: okay but there is one problem
Livestock: what is that?
Moof: where do the saint bernards come in to this?
Livestock: they will be used to carry the cloned Dale Earnhardt hair to term
Moof: oh okay
Moof: it sounds like a good plan
Moof: but there is one problem
Livestock: what is that
Moof: the saint bernards wont do it
Livestock: why not, moof?
Moof: they are too honorable
Livestock: damnit
Livestock: this isn't about honor, this is about genetics
Livestock: we can remove their honorable genes
Moof: ok
Livestock: we can create a saint bernard with the hair of Dale Earnhardt with no honor
Livestock: I just hope these dogs don't explode like Dale Earnhardt did
Moof: they wont
Moof: they have god on their side


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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