See: Star Wars Series

Don't try to understand this image.
Hollywood teaches: Man always receives a comeuppance for his hubris, but especially when that man has an evil British accent and wears a fascist uniform.

The reality: Once again, Hollywood nails it! Man's hubris is usually related to passenger liners or oil tankers and the comeuppance is served to destitute steerage passengers and water fowl. We count ourselves lucky, a few volunteers with brushes are not going to clean 50,000 ton chunks of the Deathstar off the surface of Endor.

See: Disturbia, Edward Scissorhands, Weeds (TV)

Little boxes made of crushing homogeneity
Hollywood teaches: The only lifestyle worse than that of Small Town, USA to Hollywood is the suburban lifestyle. Where small town folks are honest dimwits with the occasional dark side, suburbia is a generic wasteland inhabited by hateful morons who blindly consume anything and everything. If you are living in the suburbs you are held accountable by Hollywood for nearly all of society's ills. Global warming, gas prices, water shortages, inflated weed prices, credit problems, anti-scissorhand bigotry, housing costs, the slow spread of religious stupidity throughout the land: it's all your fault.

The reality: Three in a row! Hollywood nails it again, with the caveat that whatever Hollywood thinks about the suburbs, Hollywood is the same but ten times worse. Some soccer mom wanting Bibles in the geometry classroom in the suburbs becomes Cheryl Crow dictating toilet paper usage in Los Angeles.

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