Hydrogen: Listening to this dialogue is like...it's like somebody put a big pile of cookie-cutter 70s and 80s cop movies into an industrial blender and reduced it to a fine slurry.

Trillaphon: A slurry seasoned with sultry MIDI keyboard saxophone patches and wailing Zakk Wylde whammy bar funeral dirges.

Trillaphon: Okay, so let's review what we've got on our uncatchable super killer here so far:

  1. Is a BASHER
  2. Has BUCKS
  3. Is most definitely a KINKO

Hydrogen: I can't wait to see what the composite sketch guy comes up with for that.

Trillaphon: I'm picturing the Monopoly guy clutching a sack with a dollar sign in his mutated, radioactive Popeye fist, and something about sexually assaulting a xerox machine.

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