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As a babie grow within you may feel a sick. This normal. Lie down on your front parts and bite a dog ear. Work a crooked tooth across the surface and savage it. Frustration inflict a hardship on your growin' babie.

Get ready?

A babie get B-I-G-G-E-R-R-R-R-Rrrr.

It grow and grow and give a little hop and a little shout within a intestine. It drink your flavor vitamins, from inside, not like a root. Not like a slow leech into a soil.

Time is come for a jubilix! Notify your she friend it is a babie showing! The quickmeat gathers to discuss the important occasion. Hang a thing in a door, on a pillar, give a shout.


A babie is comin' soon.


You put a babie in your midst! The juices glug and you put a food in a mouth.



Why not! Go hop wild.

It's almost time...


You are about to be a mommie. Here come a babie!

Lie down on a grass softly and hold back your shout. No need to upset every mans.

Count to three and push-push-push. Count to three and push-push-push. Do this thing. At a time a babie choose to fall out. If a babie does not fall out ring a bell. Sound will bring the red worm. He know what to do for a babie then.

When your babie is all done sweep up the place. Clean it up. No point bein' messy missy.

Take a babie and give him a milk from your thorax. He drink deep and it grow. Let a babie grow for some time. Place a babie in CIVICSGRATE.

It is a sad parting. Goodbye babie! Do not cry mommies, time will come when a babie returns. He grow very fast in CIVICSGRATE and an eye will change and he has more strength and hears a different sound. Do not be afraid, give growing babie all love he needs.

Thank you.


You did it all...


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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