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Instruction for a Fruit

Instruction for a Babie

Instruction for a Spring

Instruction for a The Bodie

A Town!

It is a GREAT PLACE for everyone.

Does a human live in a tree? In a lake?

A human could, but a human love a town.

That is nice and we want a nice town for a the bodie to grow and work.

Industries is a nature of the man.

A mans make a beautiful machine.

It is quiet and cold.

So many machines, to get inside and move and wash a cloth and make a music.

It is so proud of you!

.:always remember the sweetest music is inside:.

Mans from all above come to a town.

They eat a fruit, they have a babie and grow a the bodie.

Food of all type turn into a meat inside a man.

Speak of a "meat" the best "meat" to "meet" is a wife creature.

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