Mike Rowboat: This scene was decidedly too disgusting, graphic, and racist to be featured on normal television. We are only able to air this tonight between three and four A.M. If you know anyone who misses this showing, they will be able to purchase twenty-four hour rentals on pay-per-view for twenty dollars. Anyway, you're all here to see something disgusting, and I'm just wasting time. Lets get the clip rolling.

Warning: If you have a weak stomach or currently pregnant, please do not watch the following scene

Mike Rowboat (MR): Hey, this is Mike Rowe. I'm in downtown L.A, a city typically not associated with dirty jobs, but hidden behind the glitz is the most disgusting occupation in America. To help show me the filthiest career in America, here is Adult film actress Annie Cruz. Mrs. Cruz, tell me a little about what you do.

Just another day on the job.Annie Cruz (AC): I act, and through my acting I bring pleasure to people across the country.

MR: That sounds great, really something to be proud of. What is something that people don't know about you?

AC: That I was one of the prisoners photographed at Abu Ghraib.

MR: Wow that is pretty intense, it seems like you were pretty humiliated.

AC: Actually it was pretty similar to what you're going to see today.

MR: (in a deadpan voice) Great, I'm excited. When did you start your career in acting?

AC: Well, I lost my virginity when I was twelve, so sometime after that.

MR: Great, and what are we doing today?

AC: I'm going to show you a typical day at the office for me *laughs*

MR: For the people at home, let me describe this office. We are in a single-bed room at a local Holiday Inn with seven set hands, the cameraman, a director, six African American actors, Mrs. Annie Cruz, myself, my camera crew, and enough lights to cook a burger. Needless to say it's hot in here.

MR: Annie, why are all the men actors black, isn't that a bit racially exploitive?

AC: Huh?

Director: All right everyone ready?

AC: Alright, time to make my money

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