Anybody who reads my column knows that I love two things equally above everything else, even chocolate: my husband Darryl and cats. Kitties. Cutie babies. Whatever y'all want to call them they are the light of my life.

Unfortunately, recently Darryl has realized he is allergic to cats and having marital relations. We had to give Rum Tum Tugger to my sister and Miss Marple was getting old and she had bad kidneys so I went ahead and put her to sleep. And Darryl and I haven't become intimate for about sixteen weeks and three days.

That's a one-two punch of emptiness for little old me, but I've been making do.

My work here at the Cyber Desk has helped a lot. Even though I lost my print column and have to file all of my columns cybernetically there are still a whole lot of you Luannatics out there.

I get your e-mails all the time and read and treasure every one. They've really helped me through a lot. Now it's time for me to return the favor.

Socrates I think said that laughter is the best medicine, but when y'all are havin' the sorta Monday I am having then laughter can be in short supply. Thankfully, I have found a cure that brings plenty of laughs and it turns out it also helps with one of the other issues I discussed.

Have a look:

Look at that little rascal! Doncha just want to plant a kiss on that little face?

"Lolcats" it's called. That's short for Laughing Out Loud Cats. No, the cats aren't the ones laughing, but you will be!

A Lolcat is what you get when you take a picture of a cat (or sometimes other animals!) making a funny face or getting into all sorts of mischief. Then you put a funny message in "Lolcat speak" onto the image. It's sort of like baby talk and it is really funny. It's the way a cat might talk if he or she could!

There are two great web pages on the Internet for you to get Lolcats. seems to be less popular than my personal favorite, ICANHAVECHEESEBURGER.COM. Both web pages allow users to send in some funny Lolcats and the editors post their favorites every day.

On ICANHAZCHEESEBURGER.COM (which is short for "I can have a cheese burger") there is a whole section where you can make your own Lolcat to share with everyone else. It's so wonderfully fun and so very simple.

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