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E the Shaggy thinks it was a mistake to begin the first installment of Peculiar Panels with a morbid image, and after careful consideration I couldn't agree more.

Source: Batman Vol. 1 #1

Esplanade knows that people have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the sociopolitical atmosphere surrounding the Sochi Olympics. Hopefully this image will clear things up.

Source: Jungle Comics #13

MelvinTheJerk provides a sobering glimpse of Captain America stepping way out of line. Not cool, cap. Not cool at all. What the hell were you thinking, man?

Source: Avengers Vol. 1 #7

Exit Strategy doesn't understand why everyone keeps making fun of Google Glass when it's clearly amazing.

Source: Batman, Inc. #7

Random Stranger suspects that the always demanding J. Jonah Jameson might have pushed Peter Parker too far this time.

Source: Spidey Super Stories #56

Lurdiak knows exactly what's happening here. You do too, don't you?

Source: ???

NoneMoreNegative can hardly believe how much has changed in the sport of football over just a few decades.

Source: 1950s Green Arrow comic

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