What is a 'Goon'? According to my dictionary and over seven internet sources (including Wikipedia), there is no universally accepted definition. To most people reading this, a Goon is simply a member of the Something Awful forums. This may present a stereotype of the typical internet user, basement-dwelling greasy fingered individuals pounding a potato chip-covered keyboard, as the movement sends ripples of fat flowing across their body like fierce crashing waves against a majestic cliff overlooking the ocean. I'm sure zee is zae had only the best intentions for this concept. By being able to laugh at ourselves and the way we are perpetuated to the masses, we can mature, and grow as people. Together. Are all of these people members of the SA forums? We will never know. But their desire to be seen as 'The Gooniest' makes them the truest Goons of all.

Here are some drawings of the worst people on this planet, starting with this effort from zee is zae

zee is zae

zee is zae

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