As of right now Something Awful is temporarily down due to Hurricane Katrina's abuse of New Orleans, where are servers are located. Our real site is either underwater or strapped to the roof of a stolen vehicle that is also underwater. The guys at the colocation center have a website here, but we have absolutely no idea when anything will be back online, and we can't get ahold of anybody there. Hell, according to this Wired Magazine article, SA is still online!

We will be coming back as soon as we are able to with all kinds of unfunny crap and forums full of anime poop references. For now we recommend you do something productive or consider helping out the thousands of people now living under the sea by donating some time or money or dry land.

In order to aid the relief effort, David Thorpe will be listening to Juvenile's hit "Nolia Clap" on repeat until New Orleans is rebuilt.

Thanks for your understanding!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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