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Whenever people go on the Internet they suddenly have the courage to say things they would never say in real life. Take any pussy and put them in front of a computer with an Internet connection and they will go hog wild flaming and trolling any message board they can find. Well, it's no wonder that the weakest and most cowardly person of all, the racist, has found a home on the Internet to spew forth garbage from their gaping mouths. Check out the Vanguard News Network, home of big bad white men who know how to solve all of the world's problems but never do anything about it who are really little white boys deep inside.

I don't care about the guy because he killed himself. I don't care for people who commit suicide. This guy doesn't care about the guy because he kileld himself and he's black!

If the Jews have taken over the media why don't you white power faggots go take it back? Because you can't! The Jew is bred to be the better executive. He's stronger, faster, and smarter than all of you. Ha! Fall before the might of the Jewish conspiracy. HA HA HA!!!

What's with the ten year old girl in your avatar buddy?

Maybe. Can I meet the pilot and see the cockpit on the plane ride there?

I want to be Urethra Jones!

In my opinion Doom 3 is the superior game, mostly because the "immersion" sensation is much greater, a new level in any PC game I have yet tried out. I found the storyline more coherent and thought out. Also, there were not any black people in it.

Again, what's with the little girl in your avatar?

I think you're the loser here buddy.

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