Nobody watched that show and nobody likes you.

I would love to. Just give me a date and time and I'll be sure to hang myself that day.

What if Wookiepedia and Craftster merged? I wonder what that would look like...

Special thanks to stasis, 7744, Vermain, Unwanted Child, FMERCURY, Crok, Jackfruit, Damn Gina, EXPLODASAURUS, softbomb, Zratha, LS!, Wafutz, Snake Eggs, Rustie, Old Dun Cow, Fab Boner, ChernobylHug, Banjodark, Ah Yes, Cat Face Joe, Gimperial, tombom, AAAAA, jsoh, Penlen, Butlercide, 3s Box, howard sterns balls, ScootsMagoo, Zisky, Anukis, Savoy Truffle, and Tybuc.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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