Pastor (Priest)

Desperate supplication statement-the magic right now will be the props and effects of natural magic thump. Doubtful.Blizzard tends to save its props for the general notes of a Patch, and its not like shout outs to Priests are warranted in a patch designed for Mages and Shamans.

Easter games - when the high-grade study of the revival began, the low levels of Easter games will no longer use. Probable.Maybe this will curb healers spamming of the /littlebunnyfoofoo emote while raiding.

Bandits (Smokey)

Cutting-Gedang amended this capacity may be, or get back, or did not hit a mistake. Doubtful.Cutting-Gedang never makes mistakes. Ever.

Then-amended lightning struck, the destruction of tropical shield will be in the wrong state.Probable.As if rogues from the Caribbean didn't have it hard enough.

Laser-resistance can now be correct.Doubtful.WHAT THE HELL BLIZZARD? HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT US TO KILL ROBOTS NOW!?!?!?.

Impulse - response approach is now energy adjustment, the overall response rate unchanged.Doubtful.More bullshit robot buffs. It's like Skynet's taken over with shittier armor placeholder textures.


All totem will not have a target for neutral hatred, nor will it have a neutral effect goals.Probable.Totems never really were team-players.

Be casually waved-now amended for the next three will be successful hit rate of attacks increased effectiveness.Probable.I can totally see Windfury increasing a player's chance to hit. Maybe then players will start using the damn totem now.

Stone joined totem-the totem results slightly upgrading the role of increase.Doubtful.Like rock is ever going to beat paper.

Suddenly Zhen strike-the theory being redesigned. When the goals have been attacking flames Zhen impact, will be a continuous fire of injury, and four times in the face after the injury to 10% magic flames.Doubtful.Zhen is an asshole - I've grouped with him and that jerk takes forever to do his damn loot rolls. Fuck him and fuck these changes four times in the fucking face for all I care!

Female (Warlocks?)

calls ceremony - when the goals and the distance of nearly throughout, calls ceremony will be unable to use.Doubtful.There's no reasonable explanation for Blizzard to assume that Females even have goals in front of them, when most of them just play to say "hi" to their boyfriends.

Umbra cigarettes - that a goal for when the effects of excessive exposure to cigarettes by shadow effects disappear when killed, the soul of debris flow can not be correct mistakes.Delicious.Sweet, crisp Umbra Cigarettes - I'd rather quit WoW then your relaxing taste..

Fighters (Warriors)

be casually waved-now amended for the next three will be successful hit rate of attacks increased effectiveness.Probable.Now Warriors can just take it easy, you know, relax and let the good times roll. Those hits will land eventually.

Hands weapons expertise-now amended to enhance the probability 1%/1%/2%/2%/3% hands weapons hitting targets and upgrade weapons harm 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% hands.Probable.Like I needed another reason to go Unarmed Spec - but I appreciate the gesture regardless.

Nazis - The gift was redesigned. When the soldiers entered the furious state, caused by a recent war of physical harm to 8%/16%/24%/32%/40% attack, each successful hit the target, the figure will drop 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%. Directed effect lasted 12 seconds.Probable.Nazis are being reintroduced from Beta, and they hate Austrians. I can't blame them.

Blood of fanaticism-the gift was redesigned. Now soldiers fatally fling, will be adopted immediately to the gift of life 2%/4%/6% value.Probable.For each Austrian a Nazi kills, they will have a set amount of life restored.

EU-a possible amendment to fighters from the EU goal too far wrong. EU will lift all restrictions on the movement of fighters effect.Probable.The European Union can't do shit about the Nazis. No surprises here.

The violent opposition - when the state was brought back to life, soldiers will be immune to the fear of death might result, but will still hurt. To the death - when the state was brought back to life, soldiers will be immune to the fear of death might result, but will still hurt.Probable.Dead Warriors are now immune to fear, but recieve additional damage from fear effects.

Lethal combat-it would be correct to effect treatment technique St., died around, the vampire embrace, lessons of life and the lives of syphon effect.Doubtful.I think this is more of an Anne Rice sex novel's liner note than a patch note. Wouldn't be the first time.

Articles (Who Even Knows Anymore)

sacred objects will be adopted more monster flop. 48 levels higher than the monster itself and spirits will be higher probability flop site, and not demons nor cloth cloth.Probable.ITS ABOUT TIME. CLOTH CLOTH FLOP ADOPTERS REJOICE - THE DEVELOPERS HAVE FINALLY HEARD OUR PLEAS!

Rail network Zhusi the flop probability slightly declined.Doubtful.If we can't have sex in Deeprun Tram with Zhusi, then where do you want us to bump boots?

Magic and the magic practitioner pharmaceutical pharmaceutical treatment of flop probability slightly improved.Probable.Just another example of the Pharmacutical Nazi lobbyists and their stranglehold on game development.

Mushrooms Valley non-elite spirits will not flop aggressor natural stone instead of natural stone flop lackey.Erotic.Kind of a turn on.

Sitansuomu non-elite monster will no longer flop aggressor natural stone instead of natural stone flop lackey.Erotic.Sitan can flop my lackey any day of the week.

Blocks of non-elite monster will no longer flop aggressor natural stone instead of natural stone flop lackey.Erotic.Speaking of natural stones, guess what else is hard as a rock for the flop of some blocks?

When the amendment was not wearing a silver dawn of the players voted for the appointment of badges, natural stone, natural stone could lead to the disappearance of error.Doubtful.Don't judge me, prude.

The overall level of piracy blood-slightly improved. The overall level of piracy South China Sea slightly improved.Probable.Hmmm, Piracy? From China? Unbelievable.

Nuozi the male equivalent risk fathers will now provide more rich and rewarding task.Probable.Time to take some responsibility, proud papas.

Additional props - key string! Now the players will be different levels through a number of players out for the level of access to key string. Key string can be used to keep those permanent underground city key.

The Team Within The City (Raid Encounters)

amended its pull its ruins and the players can draw from the house, following the death in combat or through the release of the soul to rejoin the battle of mistakes.Probable.Players can no longer learn from their mistakes.

Vichy degrees Slovakia can now be austerity trap correct slowdown.Probable.Slovakia days are numbered anyways, what with the Nazis and all.

Tenacious Fankeruisi the slight decline in the value of life, and its offensive power slightly improved.Probable.Although I don't think Fanker cared too much about his life in the first place.

The two-child emperor will become even less of the two-child morning.Probable.It is now in fact, a one-child afternoon. More of a semantical change.

Amended a server maintenance, the dealer Aonikexiya, Zuerge Raab and Alaxi ruins will be replacement mistakes.Probable.Due to players complaining about how two of the bosses in AQ40 are simply unbeatable, Blizzard has gone back and made the rest of the bosses undefeatable as well, to prepare raiding players for the anal clusterfuck that will be Master Ou's Naxxramas.

Amended by the parliament because of a players strike aircraft as a result of Kelly Lord, Yaerji Princess Mary was the replacement mistake.Doubtful.How in the hell are players expected to win this encounter without bombing support?

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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