For reasons beyond my grasp, the common man has access to a substantial number of photographs depicting Japanese citizens sleeping in public. This vast resource has largely gone untapped, for what would one do with such a strange assortment of images? Well, I am pleased to announce that at long last this great resource has been exploited. The Something Awful Forum Goons, empowered by the millions of fatigued Japanese salarymen sleeping on streets and trains, have created a stirring tribute to the wondrous possibilities of public slumber and the majestic dreams that dwell therein.

disco_stu deserves accolades for his fine efforts marshalling this parade.

XyZeR has put everyone to sleep with his boring antics.

Back_From_Termina shows the painful consequences of unconscious bicycling.

PeePooMeYou is a man of fantastical ideas.

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