Subject: oh good, more furry stereotyping

Dear Caylen,

Yet again, the “awful” website makes claims about individuals with a fur fetish that it can’t back up. “Sexual Deviant”? I’m sure you have your own little practices that someone, somewhere would find offensive. Not all of furkind plays a Druid; some of us who role-play choose to have our spirit animals inside of us. But you wouldn’t know anything about it, because you are a bigot.

How does it feel to be a Nazi, Caylen? That’s who the Nazis were! You see, you don’t “know” us, or what we write about, or even what we want in World of Warcraft. We play the game to have a good time, and it’s rarely a sexual thing in our guilds or on our message boards. Maybe, if you had googled a bit and done some research, you would have found us to be normal, sociable people that are no different from eve

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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