• In Defense of Gringo Star

    In Defense of Gringo Star

    Like the Kinks? Handclaps? Harmonies? Don't pass this by.

  • The Emmys are for Idiots ...

    The Emmys are for Idiots ...

    ... Which is why I think so much about them.

  • Meet Miss Destructo!

    Meet Miss Destructo!

    A year ago, a poorly phrased Google Alert for content related to my site (Et tu, Mr. Destructo?) sent me to a blog I didn't expect to find: Miss Destructo's. Clearly Miss Destructo was neither my wife nor my daughter, but both could at least conceptually be plausible, a potential gimmick post for sometime down the road. This had to be investigated.

  • Death Panel

    Death Panel

    This video shows a Democrat Party so committed to hatred of American values and so corrupted by the excesses of their Hollywood friends that they have created a pilot television show meant to showcase what socialistic health care means for freedom-loving citizens. On the attached pages you can find a transcript of what this video contains.

  • Two and a Half Mensch

    Two and a Half Mensch

    Nobody needs to point out how much 'Two and a Half Men' sucks, but CollegeHumor went ahead and tried too hard anyway. 'Two and a Half Men' could have done it for them. All they needed to do was strip out the laugh track, maybe add some music to make all the dead air seem less weird, then make people watch the show. Here, try it on for size!

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