I think my favorite part about practitioners of pagan worship is that they all have the blessed ability to just make stuff up about their faith, at their personal convenience. This might seem discriminatory of me, but honestly ask yourself if you know someone who is an ardent follower of Wicca who doesn't explain (blame) some of their "eccentricities" (being fucking crazy) on the moon, the spirits or some animal goddess (being fucking crazy). Most modern religion belief systems are born with the same natural sin, but for some reason Pagans really seem to go, well, crazy with it. Today's ALOD has chronicled this over the past 12 years.

""My thoughts are simple and clear some may say harsh any witch who would draw a line in the sand agaist other witches breaks one belief that in wiccan Ive held above all execpt one. thats we accept all for they are race creed religion aside. Those who cant remember that have lost thier way and need to step back and have a look what makes us strong is that even in our differences we can stand as one. In my opinion to such things you fall into a dark path and if they arent carful the call of the warlock could reach thier ears."

The reason you don't have any advertisers, is because you are batshit crazy. From what I can glean from this website, Neo-Pagans are the exact same thing as the old Pagans, except their spellbooks include incantations for red traffic lights & offer gods and goddesses whenever someone needs a scapegoat. This site is updated daily with fellow warlocks and sorceresses checking, explaining how difficult it is to practice their faith , especially with the persecution of the local Animal Control harassing you to give up some of your 28 cats.

"In descending order of group size I am alive, human, Unitarian Universalist, Eclectic Wiccan with a Norse patron and myself, unique, Ironwolf Odinnson aka Robert A. Sloan. This article appears under my Craft name because I made a personal oath at choosing my Craft name to keep it public. My real name and literary pseudonyms will all link to it on my website when it's done, but all religious writing must come under my Ironwolf Odinnson byline -- because that breaks up the whole idea that Odinists are all rightwing Aryan skinheads..."

It's people like Ironwolf that convince me that Odinists are all rightwing Aryan skinheads. Way to ruin Odinism for all of us, Robert.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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