Moby Dot Com, submitted by Me. Moby, Moby, Moby, Moby. This is the official Moby site. At first, it would seem like any other musician's site. But there is more than meets the eye...the Moby journal provides an interesting glimpse into the mind of Moby. Actually, it's just e/n bullshit, this time provided by someone who is famous. Almost like, but this person is actually famous. Anyway, here is a FIRE HOT QUOTE!

i wonder what the evolutionary effect will be of having so many new variables introduced into our lives. just think about it, the roman empire wasseemingly laid low by one simple variable, lead in their drinking water. and now we have this huge social experiment wherein millions of chemical, mineral, nutritional, etc variables have entered our lives.i wonder if we're on the verge of the diversification of the human species. maybe. who knows?maybe in a few thousand years it'll be a misnomer to even refer to the 'human species'. maybe we will have all splintered off into weird, genetically incompatible sub-species.maybe.

Ooooh, utterly fantastic. You'll have hours of entertainment from the crazy Moby livejournal! That, or you'll give up after a valliant, but vain attempt on your part to understand what the hell he's talking about.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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