HotDog Express Version 1.5, submitted by Mike. Well if you are looking for RealDolls without certain bodyparts or painted certain colors, you have come to the right place. This page not only has information on how to care for your RealDoll properly but also how you can repair them if you accidentally "wear them out" or "put too many holes in them" or "paint them the wrong color blue."

If you don't take care of something very well then you probably won't have it for very long or if you do have it, it's condition will deteriorate to the point of worthlessness. With these things in mind welcome to this world of repair I've done to some of the dolls I've received. I try to get them as close to factory condition as I can but can do more with some dolls than others. I have a taste drama so some of these pictures are for fun and shock value. I do take my work seriously in all aspects but I love some good fun too. If you have some questions about how to care for or store your doll so that it will last please email me. Thanks and enjoy the photos. questions?

This guy is full of helpful tips, such as how to cut along the head seams so as to not notice your hair replacement when enfuckifying your plastic vagina. Also check out the pictures of his terrible art and what he calls "enlightening ideas." Included on the enlightened page is the phrase, "Gravitymudgeon, Justsaynomudgeon, Childrens books that didn't make it..." and a bunch of other crazy junk, whatever that stuff means. I think it means that he is a nutcase.

PS: Look at all these goddamn RealDolls. FOR GOD'S SAKE, MAN!

– Snakey Slithers

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