Kthulah, submitted by ?. Ok, I have no idea what to say about this site in terms of an introduction. It is absolutely appalling, but that is nothing new as far as we are concerned. What is fairly new for us, however, is this:

Hair Color/Texture/Style: Dark Brown, Super-springy (African), Shiva/Dreadlocks a.k.a. Jata
Ethnicity: Mixed - African, Catawba, Celtic, unspecified Asian
Overall Looks: sturdy, somewhat muscular, buxom (like a tall gnome)
Sexual Preference: Bi, Domme (BDSM), ERP (Erotic Roleplay)/SLIME (Surreal Lovecraftian Insane Morbid Erotica) esp. tentacled and/or engulfing monster and/or coccooning situations
Brags: Poetry Administrator of Shoggoth.net, WebMatron and Editor of Adult Gothic

What the hell?? Who the fuck says "like a tall gnome" when asked what they look like?

This woman also fancies herself an advice columnist, for whatever reason. On her advice page she offers very important information to those who might be in need, like how to prepare a salad. If you are a true masochist you can ask her a question yourself, but don't be surprised if she sends back pictures of tentacle porn instead. I don't even need to say anything funny about this woman or her horrible website. I can let the site speak for itself. It will speak, alright. It will speak until you wish you were deaf.

If you've got issues, and you're looking for people who care, or just want to hang out, then use one of my dialogue areas, or join one of my communities. You can email me too. I don't mind, as long as it's not spam, but if you've got any dark erotica links, please send them.

...Oh sure, right away!

Wow, what a shocker, she met her husband online. Everyone knows that online romances never work out. She does provide helpful tips and a guide to intra/webnette romance, however.

Listen, I don't know what else to say about this tub of horrors and I should really go make sure Rich isn't dead, so just go look at her dumb photos and read her essay on her ordeal entitled., "Living as a Freak in Israel." She also has some wretched art that you should perhaps be aware of.

– Snakey Slithers

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