Big-Baby, submitted by me. Some people unwind after a day at work by grabbing a beer and watching tv. Some go out with friends to dance. Some wear nothing but gigantic diapers and pretend to be infants, then photograph their frighteningly hairy / oily / blubbery bodies. Guess which category the guy who owns this site falls into?

This site has a lot of men in diaper pictures collected from news groups and pictures that people did send to me (with permission to place them) and of-course my own pictures too.

First let me tell something about myself, I'm a adult who likes to wear diapers, and play baby / little boy, so I'm an adult baby. Infantilism (that another word for it) has NOTHING to do with real kids or babies!!

If you guessed right, you win the last shred of innocence I had before finding this site. Also, you win the terrific image that this site uses for a background.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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