What a historic week it has been. First, it was the announcement of the end of the legendary King of the Hill series on Fox. Then, America elects a black guy to be president. And most historical of all, Weekend Web has returned. What a time to be an American.

Weekend Web is back and it has post-election fever and a little bit of diarrhea. What better way to usher in our new president than to post posts from racists, white supremacists and other assorted old white guys who can only ramble on the Internet as they watch their country and ideals crumble before them.

We've scoured sites like FreeRepublic, StormFront, and Facebook for the very best in post-election comments. Folks, here's the other half of America.

Let's start this one off with a bang, Joe P. See, StormCrow, every cloud has a silver lining. Now you can call them whatever you want now that Obama is in power, right? Right?! Wrong. Racism is wrong on so many levels. You should be ashamed of yourself, cracker.

The ghosts of past presidents didn't mind Bill Clinton...

Do these people use the real names for anything they talk about? Congoliza. Halfrican. From now on, call me ASStone.

Kayla just voted and wasted her time! Go RED!

The homosexual movement will ultimately destroy our government and usher in socialism. My source is this bullshit document from THE STONE AGES.

Yes, but my GRASS needs MOWING.

Well we haven't been attacked because it takes eight or nine good years to plan that shit. I mean, terrorism is 90 percent planning and 10 percent execution and I learned that the hard way. I couldn't blow something up if my life depended on it! I was kicked out of terrorism school at a very early age. My parents disowned me, and now I'm here. Sigh.

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