Satan's Counterfeits: Judgment Day, submitted by Steve Perry.I love crazy people. I really do. Our average day can be so boring; filled with mundane tasks and the same old predictable news. That's why crazy people can make things a more interesting for us. They put a little spice in our meatball if you will. Before I stumbled across this site I was just drinking some Ecto Cooler Hi-C and playing with my balls, close to almost suicidal boredom. I was saved from a near fatal yawn by a great conspiracy theory involving Satan's plot to trick humans into worshiping Aliens, thus foiling the plans of Christ, and being an all around jerk. Of course it's not that simple. Like most rambling, inane theories, the facts are strung together based on a collection of words and meanings that are loosely related and buried with more and more ranting connecting until you are so confused that you finally accept it. I've accepted that Satan is in league with the Martians, and I feel a whole lot better. I highly recommend it.

"If Satan's goals could be summed up and prioritized, they would appear this way:
#1 Stop the redemption of man by preventing the atonement of Jesus on the cross.
#2 (since #1 has failed), prevent human kind from ever hearing or understanding the gospel.
#3 Prevent at all cost, the resurrection of the dead.
#4 Since the gathering together of all the rebel angels and their imprisonment on earth for judgment is declared by God, great preparations must be made to utilize this event for the continuation of deception (aliens).
#5 prevent the eventual reign of God in human form on the earth."

This page is just one in an endless catacomb of crazy ass conspiracy theories. This guy is doing a community service for entertaining bored souls such as myself, as well as informing us about Satan's UFO/Alien/Nephilim/Angel Deception that is currently taking place in the universe. Thank you crazy internet person!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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