Darkfurr, submitted by John Madden.What would you do if modern scientists could come up with a way to make a hybrid of a goth and furry? Personally I would go all out Pol Pot and have all the scientists and teachers killed and dumped in a rice field, but that's just me. Let's just take a gander here at one of these fine subjects.

Species = Gray squirrel(Nuttus notredus)
Description = Vexen is a bouncy dancing gothic squirrel who particularily likes Slimelight, Music, Theology, Philosophy and Computers (In other words his a goth). He tends to be quiet on the net, but maintains a HUGE home page.
Work In Progress = His "HUGE" web site..

Most of these furrys are at least tigers and wolves, but Vexen has chosen a squirrel as his power animal. A gothic, prancing, clown white wearing squirrel. This community of Crow inspired furrys band together with their ceaseless whines of depression and cutting their wrists with their claws. Mom and Dad would be proud.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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