ARCHURE, submitted by mrCharlie. You know a site is good when you an introduction like this:

WARNING: expressed on these web pages are the facts and views of the university educated, which are derived from study, testing, analysis, comparisons, and general consensus and agreement between various other university educated persons, which MAY VARY from the common everyday uneducated persons view, who reads no books, takes no classes, but watches TV and talks in social groups, with ideas swayed by one sentence ideas, and temperament of the listener, not by logic and study.

Eventually leads to this:

I saw Brittany Spears New Movie "Crossroads": a classic, very deep story line, with a hidden meaning and a sudden surprise twist at the end, great acting, casting, artistic camera angles. She plays a 7 year old, and a ten year old (trapped inside a "just barely legal" body), a very challenging role. She's taking over, where Marilyn Monroe left off. A "Perfect10" (11 if there is such a thing). I think she is great, A+ for Brittany Spears.

This site is a rare treasure featuring a wide range of insane content from some lonely casino photographer looking for love and to share his wide range of exciting views with the world. Let's look at a picture of him!

Let's do it again!



– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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