Xenophobic Persecution in the U.K., submitted by AdamSebWolf. The US government is known for being a wasteful, expensive bureaucracy. Billions upon billions of dollars are wasted every year in failed funding, unbalanced budgets, and gross negligence in general. Fortunately, that pales in comparison to the UK government and their relentless dedication to spent a countless amount of money each year monitoring some wacko British webmaster, trying to tap into his valuable brainwaves each and every chance they get. Although the author of this website is 100% confident that members of the British security service MI5 have been stalking him for over a decade now, and presents irrefutable evidence in the form of Usenet posts and chatlogs, he can never really explain why he is being pursued. It's like somebody in the parliament drew his name out of a tophat and everybody in the government spontaneously decided to start spending millions of dollars so they could annoy him by posting things on the Internet and standing outside his window. Oh yeah, and by watching him through his spooky television set!

£20,000 Reward Offered to Expose the Conspiracy

I am making a pledge for information directly leading to the exposing of the "BBC Newscaster Conspiracy". The exposing would specifically need to lead to a legally binding admission from Martyn Lewis or Michael Buerk of the BBC, or Jon Snow of ITN, that they were watching me through the TV set. I would be happy (delighted, in fact) to pay £20,000 sterling in reward for the above admission. Please note that the offer is not extended to these three newscasters themselves, in the unlikely event that they make such an admission voluntarily.

For two and a half years from the time their harassment started until November 1992 I refused to see a psychiatrist, because I reasoned that I was not ill of my own action or fault, but through the stress caused by harassment, and that a lessening of the illness would have to be consequent to a removal of its immediate cause, in other words a cessation of harassment. I also reasoned that since they were taunting me with jokes about mental illness, if I were to seek treatment then the abusers would think that they had "won" and been proved "right". Remember, the constant theme of any persecution is, "we must destroy you because you're X", whether X is a racial or other attribute. In this case the X was "we persecute you because you have brain disease". The similarity of this logic to Nazi attitudes to the mentally ill is striking.

On one hand, this whole situation is just sad as hell. I mean, this guy is as nutty as a jaybird but there's no way he'll ever realize it because, well, he's nuts. He'll live the remaining years of his life convinced that anything anybody says has double meanings, confident in the knowledge that the entire world is out to get him and he'll never be safe no matter where he hides. This man will shun everybody who enters his life, destined to live in solitude, incapable of ever trusting another human being. He'll refuse all forms of medical and psychiatric treatment, believing they are all conspiracies to steal his precious goofy brain patterns and replace them with inferior low sodium substitutes. On the other hand, this whole situation is funny as hell because dear Christ, this guy is nuts.

PS: This guy is apparently also being harassed by the pop group Information Society, proof of this being their song "Seek 200." You know, despite the fact that the song was released a good four or five years before the MI5 and BBC began monitoring the webmaster through his toaster.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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