Table of Contents for Spells and Magic, submitted by lynx. So you're dressed in black and smoking cigarettes outside the mall thinking you have what it takes to be a level 14 goth? Well, then you'll invariably want to move on to this ...stuff. I'm not quite sure what it is but apparently "Puzuzu" felt it was important enough to warrant the use of scary red text and public domain clip art. You know how in City of the Walking Dead the zombies attack a hospital? You know how without even hesitating the doctor goes from operating on a patient to throwing his scalpel like a ninja star? Well, that'd be me if I ever saw the guy in this picture:

Now there is also the upside-down Pentagram. It represents Satan or the world of matter ruling over God. It is the same as denouncing God. To wear it is to attract evil around you. It will not bring good spirits around you. Normally it is only worn by Satanists or devil worshipers. So if you wish to attract good spirits around you... wear it right side up!

Question: Would wearing two pentagrams attract even more good spirits or would it be like a double ice backfire in Mortal Kombat and have some kind of reverse effect?

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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