Purrrfect Kitty, Amazon Tigress, submitted by Freddie. "Purrrfect Kitty" is 6'1". She weighs over 265 pounds. She wears size 12 shoes. Her thighs are 30 inches wide. Did I forget anything else? Oh yeah, she sells DVDs of herself sitting on peoples' faces for $65.

# 6'1" Amazon Kitty comes home only to find that a whole city of tiny people have invaded her home! She quickly decides that they should be punished for building their city in her space, and total destruction of the city and its inhabitants begins.

# This Giantess video shows everything, from Kitty slowly crushing the cars and buildings to when Kitty enjoys eating several of the tiny invaders.

# Video includes tons of POV, Butt Crushing and Barefoot Crushing of Buildings and Cars, Vore and Eating of the Tiny People, and tons of Giantess in the City on a Rampage scenes! Kitty even picks her teeth with a telephone pole after eating a chewy invader. There is also lots of Giantess interaction with the tiny people and close up POV shots of Kitty's huge bare feet crushing everything in sight.

# Shot on DigitaDV and mastered on Super VHS for Great Video Quality.

This video has everything any sane, rational, tasteful human being could ever want: butt crushing, eating of tiny people, eating of telephone poles, eating chewy invaders, and the superb image quality inherent to mastering on Super VHS. It's a steal of a deal for $65! You'd have to be crazy to not pay money for footage of a fat woman stepping on toy cars! You'd have to be crazy to not pay $14.95 a month and join her special private member's club, where members can download such exciting photos as "fat00332.jpg" and "veryfat00884.jpg"!


– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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