The Battle In The Heavens, submitted by Sepety. You may find it hard to believe, but right now, in outer space, a UFO war is raging around the sun. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is concrete, because it's based on NASA research and careful analysis from some random Japanese guy.

This web site is the translation of the one made by Mr.Toshio Hiji who insisted to have got telepathic messages from space-alliance. He predicted that there would be battles between two groups in the universe around the sun five years ago in his web side.

As it became true last year and many of his insistences were proven as the correct one, I decided to translate his web site into English. (There are some predictions which did not come true,though. But to my surprise I came to find those incorrect ones have some hidden purposes.)

Though the informations which Mr.Hiji wants to tell to humans is too huge, only a part is given here. As Mr.Hiji is a scientist there are a lot of scientific informations in his Japanese web site. But I found it too difficult to put them into English as I am not in the scientific field.Sorry to say many of those important ones are cut here. Please note this web side is nothing but the translation from Japanese.

(A few information is given by the translator to promote the understanding of the readers. However,they are less than one percent of all the contents.) (This part is written by translator,Masuya Chinari)

The science is backed up with some whimsical sound effects and lots of pictures of white dots against a blue background. In the industry, we call white dots on a blue background "the smoking gun." Watch the skies and weep, because soon they might just start raining lasers. Or, at the very least, an old Japanese guy will have made his family very worried.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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