Wackest Battle Ever - Corros vs MC Jack

Submitted by Dan

Before I saw this video, I was under the assumption that hating on the French was purely a result of blind, stupid, post-9/11 American "patriotism".

Now I know the real reason. Holy shit France, you are the whitest country to ever exist. I'm going to go listen to some Canadian, previously-wackest-MC-in-the-world Snow because even he looks like Suge Knight compared to your MCs. God DAMN.

Edit - It has come to my attention that these jackasses are actually Canadian. Imagine how incredibly surprised I am by this revelation considering Canada's national pastimes are hockey, building igloos and being terrible at hip-hop (and before any of you Canadian readers send me hate mail, I feel I must remind you that you're responsible for Chuggo in addition to these clowns)

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"omfg wtf is mc jack wearing LOLOL

'put ur motherfuckin fuck' LOL"




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