Hamsters City, submitted by Playman. I hate japanophiles with an undying rage that makes me want to hijack the catbus, fill it with explosives, and drive it into a Ramune factory. However I’ve finally found something from japan that I like. It’s a comic about two hamsters on a journey of wonder and discovery. Let’s check out their latest swashbuckling adventure:
My ex-girlfriend once had a hamster that tried to commit suicide by jumping off the top level of his 3 tiered cage. She called the vet who said it would cost $15 to have the hamster put to sleep. I honestly can’t remember where I was going with this so hopefully you’ve already scrolled down to the next paragraph by now.

I will be adding comic at a rate base on how many hit and fan mail I am getting.

I will be adding coming at a rate of 3 to 5 page per week.
I will go faster if my fan sends me an e-mail telling me they love the story and can't wait and need me to add more page faster.

This guy also has a cafepress store where you can buy shirts featuring wonderful broken english. I suggest doing so if you want to support a great comic while thoroughly confusing your friends.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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