North American Man/Boy Love Association, submitted by me. I'm actually sort of surprised we haven't run this before, and also pleased because now I don't have to trudge through a few dozen slightly terrible sites to find a really terrible one.

We tend to be blind to our own taboos and invent rationales for seeing them as completely reasonable. Boy lovers are
no strangers to this blind spot in American society. Affection for a boy not one's direct relative is at best considered strange
and suspicious. Add to it the slightest erotic dimension and the consequences can be calamitous. Taboos are irrational and
so are the punishments inflicted by the societies that hold them. In the United States, the manufactured fear and aversion
to man/boy love has exploded to unbelievable proportions.

When they put it that way it sort of makes sense. Let's shed all of these silly fears and aversions, including the ones that somehow make it taboo to stuff the entirety of Nambla's membership into a poorly built rocket and shoot it back toward whatever psycho planet they came from.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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