Dog & Cat - Catron Fashions, submitted by me. Your journey into the world of Catron Fashions' website kicks off with a logo so ineptly cropped and compressed that you instantly know its creator can not be sane. Sensing danger, you try with all your might to turn back but find yourself unable to move when confronted with the visions before you. They are horrific yet somehow compelling.

Anything is possible here. Mighty dinosaurs still walk the earth, for hardwood flooring grows naturally in place of tar pits. The ferocious snarl of the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been replaced by a furtive shameful glance.

There is no going back to your old world, for this one is beautiful and more blue than the most cloudless day you've ever seen.

The way home is sealed off and free will does not exist in this place. Accept your place here, and put on this mermaid outfit while you're at it.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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