James Doohan tribute message, submitted by Asher Cross. James Doohan, known as Scotty on the original Star Trek, died not all that long ago and was cremated. In the near future his ashes are going to be shot into space in case some aliens or something might want some ashes. To maybe give Scotty's ashes a little more appeal to roving aliens, this website is open to any message you might want to include along with the ashes.

We invite friends and fans around the world to compose a tribute to Mr. Doohan, to honor him on his journey to Earth orbit. Your name and message will be placed on board the spacecraft currently scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2006. Please enter your message below.

Oh, James Doohan, we will miss you so! I've composed a poem I would like to have shot into space with your incinerated corpse.

"One to beam aboard,
the starship of my heart,
two to beam aboard,
and you can play both parts.

Ohhhhh, James Doohan,
you'll be a new man,
when the space worm finds your ashes.

Ohhhh, James Doohan,
you're going places,
when the space worm craps out your face(s).

So beam yourself on up,
to USS My Heart,
Beam right on up,
and we will never part.

(Breaks it down)

One trillion million trillion miles away,
through the twinkling stars of yore,
we're going on a cosmic voyage,
and we won't stop till we reach that shore-re-re

Ohhhh, James Doohan,
you're the tops,
plunging on until tomorrow's hymen pops.

Ohhhh, James Doohan,
you'll be missed,
so raise your glass and let's get pissed

OHHHHHHHHHH Jaaaaaames Doooo-haaaaannnn"

So what do you think? Pretty great, huh? It's... What do you mean "sucks"? You know what, buddy? Fuck you. It's easy to be a don'ter, trying being a doer.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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