The Cat's Meow - (Thanks Scott Murray) Today's ALOD was submitted by a guy who came across it on the last ALOD I posted. It's basically a story archive for a delusional pedophile. I don't recommend you read any of the stories, but check out how naive and insane this chick really is.

The Chronicles of Suran are social and science fiction erotica set in a fictional island nation with an extremely liberal society and no age of consent. It's an attempt to hone my own writing by making the 'impossible' seem ordinary, and my thank-you to certain people who've given me a great sounding board and lots to think about.

Let's make the impossible, like fucking children legally, seem ordinary. This is such a great goal to work towards. Her ideas about underage sex are typical of this kind of pedophile. See she's different. She doesn't believe in coercing children to have sex with her.

I realize that most adult-child sexual contact is coerced, and I have the same hatred in my heart for those who force themselves on a child as I do for any rapist. I'm not dumb enough to think adults and parents are all saints who wouldn't push a kid into sex given the chance. And while I know for a fact that children are sexual beings (you fooled around when you were younger and you know it), it's not that simple.

Yeah, kids are just clamoring to have sex with you. If it weren't for these damn age of consent laws, the world would be such a better place. Hey I'm a nice pedophile! I'm not one of those pedophile rapists. You've got to be kidding me.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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