Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers, submitted by Jane Jane. Vampires are creatures of misplaced passion, the work of devilry and seduction. I honestly could keep going but why don't you click the link and find out how wierd this is for yourself.

The story of a woman torn between our world and theirs...a world of light and dark...of trust and betrayal...A twisted tale of desire where lust journeys down a forbidden path...set against a gothic horror too incredible to believe!

When the moon turns to blood, young virgins take heed...for the vampyres of Lesbo, upon their souls they will feed." - old wive's tale from Transylvania

It's kind of not fair, really. I mean I look at this stuff for a while trying to come up with a joke, but there's isn't anything better than just showing people the website. It's vampires. Who kickbox. And they're lesbians.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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