Fred's Airsickness Bag Collection, submitted by me. I've heard of people collecting barf bags before because the crowd I roll with is powerful with tendrils that spread far and wide when it comes to collecting information about vomit, but it's pretty bizarre seeing a surprisingly well-made site about it. Fred's Airsickness Bag Collection features scans of actual barf bags along with peculiar commentary such as this for EgyptAir's bag design:

White and blue, blue logo and white rose. Don't know why an Egypt based airline uses a rose on their barf bags, unless it's a specially bred rose strain, able to survive in the desert along the piramides.

Fascinating stuff. If you have a few extras in your own vomit bag collection, you can even swap with Fred to get one step closer to a complete set.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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