Hiren's BootCD is a popular system rescue disc that until a few updates ago was known to contain some illegal software. Apparently, Hiren and his pal Pankaj (?) have taken that same "who cares?" approach to other people's content to form Hiren & Pankaj's Homepage, a compendium of mostly stolen material that includes terrible Flash games, "Funny SMS" messages that are just shorter versions of e-mail forwards, and wacky photos that have been floating around the Internet for years.

The 'hiren.info' watermark supercedes all pre-existing watermarks.

The crown jewel of the site, though, is the extensive collection of desktop wallpapers, particularly the ones in the 3d & Digital Art category. Remember those really cool folders from elementary school featuring CGI alien landscapes with big glass staircases to nowhere and giant floating orbs?? Well, that's basically what all of these are.

Browsing through their gallery, you start to notice the recurring motifs. There are at least a hundred variations on the Windows XP logo, or just the letters "XP." There are orbs, of course: hanging orbs, lava orbs, orbs being held by giant smiley faces, and even orbs within orbs. But it’s not all orbs! Sometimes there are orbs and other shapes randomly thrown together, in pieces with badass names like "Summon the Elders" or "Fall of the Monoliths."

Like skeletons, too? Check out this chrome skeleton (EVERYTHING IS REFLECTIVE FOR NO REASON) chilling out in saltworld, a skeleton playing another skeleton like an xylophone, and a kidnapped skeleton about to be hit with a fly swatter wielded by a hot anime babe.

Succinctly - and aptly - titled "Art."

Then there are the ones that defy classification, like this Koosh Ball wearing a Santa hat, a 3D pretzel, or – my personal favorite – “Bike Baby,” featuring an olive with cones for limbs riding in the desert. Uh-oh ... looks like I’ve wandered into the Weird part of Hiren & Pankaj’s Homepage again.

– Adam "rubber cat" Jameson (@robbercat)

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