The Escapist, submitted by Gaming Journalism. The Escapist is what becomes of horrible gaming journalism when it makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously and considering itself too hip. It is an entire magazine of worst articles of the year. In fact, our old pal Kieron had a gigantic masturbatory article in the debut issue. Occasionally an industry insider will get something resembling an idea and pitch an article in as well, usually one that's extremely defensive or moaning about the horror of the development cycle. If you want an idea of how egotistical and annoying it is then look no further than the site's unpleasant navigation design. They had to be, like, totally hip and different. Let's give them a big round of snaps.

I hereby declare the worst new gaming magazine of 2005 to be The Escapist.

And of course, 2005 was the year we launched The Escapist. In the past six months, we've grown to over 100,000 monthly readers and brought out 25 issues, with over 200,000 words of feature content from some of the best voices in the industry. As the game industry matures and grows, game journalism must mature and grow with it. It's our hope here at The Escapist that we have contributed to this growth, and can continue to do so into 2006 and beyond

100,000 readers X 25 issues X 200,000 words = YOU STILL FUCKING SUCK.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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